Wood Carving In Arab Country's

Wood important in our lives if the timber all around us ... it was very important to our lives .. they must know everything about it ... from the beginning of cutting forests to timber processing. فالاخشاب intervention in everything within our homes and in our work and in the street ... Xi wood, even a small piece. Therefore ... We must recognize the nature of the timber and read and are getting to know the culture and skill and active because wood does not have damage, provided careful while dealing with her and manufacturing machinery timber because they all categorically solid ... that timber through to technical knowledge and modern technology and by the start of the exploitation of skills and hobbies best exploit Can achieve it?! Yes, easily. The drill is currently one of the most important fine art industries that have applied decorative on many materials such as wood, ivory, stone, marble and metal as he was integral to the furniture industry, and designs need to be studied and fully aware of a lot of factors to help the success of Tequenath


1 - knowledge of the characteristics of different wood used especially for the direction and accuracy fibers and the extent of
Validity in the composition of the possibility of determining the appropriate quality of wood designs.

2 - Identify the types of drilling and formation for the possibility of forming units in accordance with the type of wood and its purpose.

3 - the study of the various models used to identify the model pieces to be put to designs excavated.
4 - appropriate design for the intended purpose in terms of composition.

Types of wood used in the drilling and characteristics:

Different woods used in drilling terms of use and usability of the formation of the mismatch that is integrated or open fiber, including what is knobby or choppy or subject to twisting or moisture resistant. Also, which is characterized by its flexibility, Samarth beauty or Kablth refinement and the most important of these timber: -

Natural wood:

1 - walnut: Turkish him Alammerakane and which is characterized by the beauty of elastic fibers and hardness and is considered one of the most valuable timber and repaired in the pits precise integration and accumulation of fibers and indivisibility for Chlie.

2 - oak: a light color, its beautiful features is powerful with its flexibility and the accumulation of its fibers, bear extreme weather is subject to smoothing and polishing the wood is ideal for strong and bold designs and fine details and be golden in color and has a good Tjazaa appearance.

3 - mahogany wood: solid rich Baltjazaa asymptotic color of red and straight fibers among which is one of the best hardwoods that expands or shrinks, possible dug gently has portability cracking.

4 - olive wood: Excellent for drilling works which has a dark color, greenish brown and is suitable for work with minute details.

5 - poplar: Lynn but not easy in pieces as appears from its effect on the machines when used where you need to compress and thus Taatthelm quickly, the color ranges from color cream to green light at the piece modern a good consumption and usage where it is subject to shocks and scratches.

6 - White pine: a light color knobby and cracks Lin not advisable to use in drilling.

7 - ebony: a timber of stiffer black color and is used to sort out the vaccination works and the edges of the rulers.

8 - beech: combines rigidity and flexibility and its timber from more commonly used in the drilling and furniture because it is easy to operate in favor of the formation of an integrated fiber and light brown color.

9 - Wood Moski: a light color of the contract-free, cracking and twisting is compact and Lin and limited use in drilling a well.
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