wood carving free pattern

wood carving free pattern

wood carving free pattern

wood carving free patternwood carving free pattern

free wood sculpture Designs

free wood carving designs

wood carving

 wood sculpture

wood carving designs

wood sculpture Designs

Plywood toy chair

Toy chair for dolls made of plywood,

drawing, template

wood carving

Fig. Crafting chair of plywood.
1-chair seat, fastening legs;
 2-side wall (2 pcs.);
The sequence of making crafts.
The toy chair consists of five parts. It is made of plywood 5 mm thick.
1-Draw a picture on plywood. (To print a handicraft template, or to enlarge an image, right-click on the image and select the desired item, for example, "open image" or "save image").
Saw the details of the toy in such quantities:
seat plank-1 pcs; side walls-2 pcs; back-1 pcs; seat-1 pcs.
First, cut out the closed internal contours of the parts, pre-drilling the holes for the jig saw. In the connection points, leave 1 mm for the fitting and tight connection of the parts.

2. Connect the parts of the toy with glue (see the general view in the figure).

3. Clean the craft with sanding paper.

4. Decorate a toy chair for the doll, varnished or painted with oil paint.

And here's another drawing of a toy chair and a round toy table made of plywood:

wood carving

wood carving

honor of the martyred martyr

A Syrian artist sculpted the trunk of the tree in honor of the martyred martyr

Wood sculpture