Wood lathe industry in Egypt

Egypt's famous ancient wood turning and there are traces of wooden machines used in ancient Egypt, including "hammers, axes, chisels, saws."

The seat Tutankhamun lists sweetened rings resemble episodes made Bakherath modern, and has inherited Alqubt skill in turning wood, but they are not satisfied with local species of wood, but have resorted to importing the finest wood from abroad, such as wood "ebony, walnut, oak."

I have found some Coptic homes filled Bmchgullac turnings of wooden doors and tasbil, and have prevailed fashioned wooden Coptic after the Islamic conquest of Egypt, but the art of Islamic decoration in Egypt has not only matured in the reign of Ibn Tulun.

And the effects of this craft are found in many homes constructed since the sixteenth century and "the home of Sheikh Mohammed Amin Suhaimi" in neighborhood aesthetic Year "1648", "golden house of Jamal al-Din" monsters sailors Year 1637 feet.

 A lot of the woodwork multiple shapes and types before emergence of Craft turning a used Knuavz or parts of sections have been used patterning clearly.

Tools used in wood turning:
Saws, chisel, drills, wood arch, measuring tools, lathe a municipal a large piece of wood floating next to them another piece of wood installed iron column.

There are several types of wood lathe:
· Broad municipal Turning such "turning legs of chairs and tables and furniture in general."
Tiny · turnings known Boukrath Mashrabia
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