Wood Carving

Wood .... important in our lives ............ If timber all around us ... it was very important for our life .. we must know everything about it ... from the beginning of cutting forests to timber processing. Timber intervention in everything within our homes and within our work and in the street ... Everything by the timber, even a small piece. Therefore ... We must recognize the nature of the wood, and we read and are getting to know the culture and skill and active because wood does not have damage, provided careful while dealing with her and machinery manufacturing wood because they are all categorically solid ... that timber through the technical knowledge and modern technology and by the start of the exploitation of skills and hobbies best exploit Can achieve it?! Yes and easily. The drilling is currently the most important fine art industries that have been applied to many decorative materials such as wood and ivory stone, marble and metal as it is integral to the furniture industry, and designs need to be fully aware of the study and a lot of factors to the success of Tequenath


1 - knowledge of the characteristics of different wood used especially for the direction and extent of accuracy fibers
Validity in the formation of the possibility of determining the quality of wood suitable for designs.

2 - Identify the types of drilling and formation for the possibility of forming its units in accordance with the type of wood and the purpose required.

3 - Study of various models used to identify the model pieces required to put designs drilled.
4 - appropriate design for the intended purpose in terms of the formation.

Types of wood used in the drilling and characteristics:

Different timber used in the drilling of where to use and usability of the formation of the mismatch is integrated or open fiber, including what is knobby or choppy or is subject to twisting or resistance to moisture. Also, which is characterized by its flexibility or the beauty of Samarth or Kablth to refine and most important of these timber: -

Natural wood:

1 - walnut: it Alammerakane and Turkish which is characterized by the beauty of its fibers and elastic hardness and is one of the most valuable timber and repaired in the pits exact integration fibers and accumulation, and their Chlie.

2 - oak: a light color, features beautiful characterized by force with the flexibility and the accumulation of fibers, bear extreme weather is subject to smoothing and polishing the wood is ideal for designs strong and bold and fine details and be golden in color and has a good Tjazaa appearance.

3 - mahogany wood: solid color rich Baltjazaa little like red fibers and straight inter is one of the best hardwoods which expand or shrink, dug gently as possible and has the ability cracking.

4 - olive wood: Excellent for drilling works which has a dark color, brown greenish suitable for work with minute details.

5 - poplar wood: Lynn but is not easy in pieces as appears from its effect on the machine when to use where you need to compress and thus Taatthelm quickly, its color ranges from color cream to light green when a piece of modern, a good consumption and use, as it is subject to shocks and scratches.

6 - White pine: a light color and knobby cracks Lin nor advisable to use in drilling.

7 - ebony: a stiffer wood color black is used to sort out the works of vaccination and the edges of the rulers.

8 - beech: combines rigidity and flexibility and its one of the most widely used in drilling wood and furniture because it is easy to operate in favor of the formation of an integrated fiber and color light brown.

9 - Wood Moski: a light color free of contract and cracking and twisting is compact and Lynn and use it in a limited drilling a well.

10 - Wood Azizi: Lynn resin from the finest wood for good Samarth and its resistance to moisture.

Industrial wood and processed: -

1 - plywood (opposite) so named because the direction of its fibers and reflector is a different thickness.

2 - Wood Asalotks.
3 - wood particleboard.
4 - Wood the mbf.

Types of drilling: -
1 - Drilling prominent flat: and rising up the carved decoration to about 5 mm and frequently often in the design of the medals and drilling Islamic.

2 - Alhfralbarz problem: it increases and high finishes and shapes carved on the ground more than half of the 0.5 cm and up to about 7 cm in the pits on the Roman floors should be in shape all equal and deep one.

3 - drilling outstanding stereo: a Kalhfr prominent problem but more prominent and deeper in flooring that must be equal in depth and one also could reach the heights carved decoration to the emergence of 25 cm to give a stronger effect and is fit to use this type of drilling in places remote from consideration, and most themes of organisms.

4 - drilling vacuum: a drilling formations vicious chainsaw Arket and drilled in the same time that consolidating its units, and is used in tire works (Frames) precious.

5 - Drilling interna: Reverse drilling a senior from previous types and which are carved decoration to the interior while leaving the floor as they are without drilling or pattern has resorted to the ancient Egyptians used frequently in temples and tombs few light shadows to help the clarity and long-lasting.

6 - drilling stereo: a more precise types of drilling and includes drilling on the blocks with a view to set up and use and more Tgesimha in sculpture and statues work.

Tools and materials used: -

Wooden hammer, chisels, a Japanese knife (scalpel), smoothing tools.

Steps practical application: -

1 - equip piece of wood to fit the design prepared.

2 - convey design by carbon paper and pen or draw directly on the design piece of wood.

3 - We identify places to be drilled or prominently or gummy.

4 - prove piece of wood on the table if the work requires a chisel and hammer wooden However, if drilling with tools other there is no need for it.

5 - is determined by the shape scalpel discharge or chisel drilling (drilling if a senior must select from abroad either if drilling gummy must be specifically diagonally to the inside).

6 - continue the process of drilling with equal depth.

7 - After the completion of the drilling process blessed with sandpaper or paper form rasps own or leave without anti-aliasing if we show touching.

8 - are fat or paint Allakr and Frennich to polish and maintain it.

Tips and guidelines: -
1 - must comply with the order of the steps.
2 - to maintain public safety and attention during drilling.
3 - Be sure to make drilling tools sharp to master the work.
4 - to be the direction of drilling out in the pits and vice prominent in drilling relief.
5 - To be the drilling process always opposed body Digger.
6 - Clean drilling tools and brushes and workplaces
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